Salvage Services

"Overall, we were thrilled with the process. The team lead was very accommodating in terms of timing, the team that came to take it down was just as nice and courteous, and the removal was free of charge. Thanks for helping us remove our old kitchen! The tax receipt once it was sold was a nice bonus!"              - Joseph Fung 


Are you renovating or remodelling?  It could cost you a pretty penny to have a contractor remove your tired kitchen. By calling us, our salvage crew (completely made up of volunteers!), lead by a team lead employee/contractor, will remove your unwanted items for free and resell them to the public.  Your donation is helping divert over 800 tons of material from the waste stream. That represents a line of pickup trucks 8 km long! There is an environmental component to the ReStore, and it’s an important part of what we do.  Much of the material we receive from our local donors would end up in the landfill.  By sending it to us, we are able to convert that waste material to cash and provide an outlet for individuals like you.  

We'll even take the kitchen sink and you'll get:

  • a FREE service.  That's right, removing your kitchen is FREE!
  • a tax receipt for your donation
  • the satisfaction of knowing your donation is helping hard-working, low-income families own their home 

Check out Joseph's salvage donation.  Click below on the video to watch this 90 second kitchen tear down.

"A big thank you to Habitat for Humanity Waterloo Region ReStore, and their six wonderful volunteers for the removal of our kitchen. They were quick, efficient, knowledgeable, neat, and above all great people.  It’s a wonderful service in the community!  We are so very pleased with the results."  - Connie and Bob Wills


What's next?  All you have to do is fill out our easy online donation form, and select "kitchen with free salvage removal service." Our Salvage Coordinator will follow up as soon as possible to confirm the details.