Salvage Crew

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There are a ton of households out in our community who are about to start a big renovation project or remodel their existing rooms.  It could cost a family a pretty penny to have a contractor remove their tired kitchen.  Our salvage crew will work as a team, and remove the unwanted items from the homeowner's home.  You and a bunch of other volunteers will professionally load that kitchen on the the salvage truck, take it to the ReStore and set it back up where we will sell it back to the public.  You see, you're not just saving a homeowner money and headaches, you're helping Mother Earth.  By having you help us and volunteer with us, we are able to prevent unnecessary waste. Whether you're 18 or retired, this is an awesome alternative to the gym for any volunteer. 

In order to adequately prepare you, we ask all volunteers to complete a certain number of hours volunteering in the ReStore before they participate in a Salvage.

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If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our ReStore Volunteer & Marketing Coordinator (519-747-0664 Ext.239)

When you volunteer as a salvage crew member, you really are making a big impact!  Check out this story: The Adventures of This One, Simple Cabinet.