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Our volunteers at the build site work up a hearty appetite.  They need fuel to keep on motorin' and that comes in the form of delicious, nutritious, and filling snacks, and meals.  Help to make the build site our volunteers’ “Home Away From Home” by cooking nourishing meals, and by keeping the build site sparkling and organized.  It's simple really.  If you can sweep and stir, you'll fit in perfectly.

We need you to help with:

  • cleaning
  • cooking
  • baking
  • organizing
  • setting up meals
  • dishwashing
  • coffee making

Whether you've whipped up a trifle or risen a soufflé, or simply toasted a piece of bread, you are helping local families achieve stability through homeownership.

Ready to sign up?  Perfect!  Click here to be directed to our volunteer calendar, and to choose a date (under "Kehl Build") to volunteer that's best for you.