Did you know that 100% of your donations make up our inventory?  Because of you, 100% of Habitat for Humanity Waterloo Region's administration costs are covered by ReStore sales. Thank you!

How to donate?

1.  Drop off items at our Waterloo and Cambridge locations.

2.  Drop off items at our Waterloo Region landfill site from April-October. See drop off hours.

3.  Salvage your kitchen.  Yes, you can donate your entire kitchen (even the kitchen sink!).  Learn more.

Donating to the ReStore is just the beginning!  

Did you know you can help Habitat for Humanity Waterloo Region by donating to the ReStore, but also by doing so much more?  We have volunteer opportunities you probably didn't even know about, and other forms of donations that will help us empower local families through homeownership.  After all, we may not all live next door, but we are all neighbours!



What will we accept?


  • upholstered or leather sofas and chairs (Must be presented as new, smoke free, stain free, wear and tear free and less than 2 years old.  Please fill out our online donation form and send photos before dropping off or requesting a pick-up of upholstered furniture)
  • cabinets, dining sets, tables and chairs
  • desks less than 48" wide and office chairs (10 years old or newer)
  • bed room furniture (no mattresses)
  • bars and bar rails
  • closet organizer cabinets (solid cabinets only and accessories)
  • accents and accessories
  • fountains and art

Appliances (all must be in working condition and not older than 7 years):

  • washer and dryers (electric dryers only)
  • ranges, fridges, dishwashers, microwaves and range hoods
  • small appliances

Bathroom items:

  • sinks (drop-in ceramic only, pedestal and vase)
  • faucets and bath accessories
  • bathtubs (claw foot tubs or acrylic/fiberglass tubs that present as new)
  • tub surrounds and doors
  • new shower rods and curtains
  • new shower doors and stalls
  • toilets (low flush (6L) or less)

Cabinetry and counter tops:

  • cabinets (kitchen and bathroom in good condition)
  • counter tops (granite, man-made, stone, marble, laminate (without cut holes for sinks))

Building materials (items are subject to minimum quantities, call for more details):

  • newer spruce, pressure treated and cedar lumber (minimum 6')
  • siding, wood, and stone
  • plywood, drywall, OSB full and offcuts (minimum half sheet 4’x4’)
  • insulation, vapor barrier and ridged insulation (new only)
  • concrete and cements (new only)
  • bricks and concrete blocks (new only, accepted as a drop off donation only)
  • shingles and roofing paper (new only)


  • hardwood (finished and unfinished and minimum 100 sq ft)
  • laminate and foam under padding (minimum 100 sq ft)
  • ceramic and porcelain tiles (minimum 100 sq ft and new only)
  • grouts, mortars, scratch and lath (new only)
  • tools and tile cutters
  • area rugs (clean)
  • carpet (new only – minimum 100 sq ft) 


  • door hinges, knobs, ball catches and bumpers (brass door hardware is not acceptable)
  • deck and fence hardware
  • nuts and bolts (packaged)
  • nails and screws (packaged)
  • entrance and interior door handles and grip sets (brass door hardware is not acceptable)
  • kick plates and door closers

Heating and ventilation:

  • furnace filters (new only)
  • large air purifiers (attached to furnace and must be fairly new)
  • registers and cold air returns
  • fireplaces: wood burning and electric
  • stove pipes
  • furnace humidifiers (new only)
  • air conditioners: central, wall, window and portable (not older then 5 years)

Lighting and electrical:

  • interior lamps
  • ceiling mounts (with brackets only)
  • wall mounts (with brackets only)
  • exterior patio, deck and wall 

Millwork and mantels:

  • moldings and trim (minimum 8' long)
  • railing, risers, treads, and spindles
  • interior and exterior columns
  • decorative fire place mantels


  • kitchen and bathroom faucets (in good working condition)
  • copper pipe and fittings
  • ABS and PVC pipe and fittings (unused)
  • drainage pipe and fittings (unused)
  • faucet, bath and toilet repair parts (unused)

Windows and doors:

  • exterior doors and sidelights: steel, wood and fiberglass
  • interior: french, panel, sliding and pivot doors
  • windows: standard, bay, bow in wood, PVC, aluminum and fiberglass (less than 10 years old)
  • exterior shutters (good condition)
  • skylights (new only)


  • hand tools such as screwdrivers, levels, saws, tape measures and planes
  • portable power tools (good condition)
  • stationary tools (good condition)

Outdoor (only accepted in season from May - September):

  • patio furniture
  • interlock pavers, patio stones and retaining wall (accepted as a drop off donation only)
  • natural stone (accepted as a drop off donation only)
  • urns and pots
  • pod liners and pond pumps (good condition)

While the ReStore is happy to accept good quality, new and gently used materials, there are times when we cannot accept certain items due to condition, space and marketability.  We reserve the right to inspect all donations.  Thank you.