Women Build Week

"It's really empowering.  Women don't just have to volunteer in the kitchen (but they can if they want). We can do all the same stuff the men can: hammer, drill, lift, build, carry, cut, saw and more! It's great to see women who have the courage to try anything."

-Jeri-Lynn, Build and Salvage Crew Volunteer Team Leader


We're are shaking things up this year, and hosting an entire women build week. Stay tuned! Come for a day or the whole week, and feel energized and empowered as you play a role in fulfilling someone’s dream of homeownership. This isn’t about excluding men, but including women. You don’t need to have any building skills, but you won’t believe how quickly you will learn them. Everyone is welcome, so bring your sister, mother or girlfriends. Anyone can help build homes, build hope and build communities.  

Want to make this a team building experience where your team will enhance leadership skills, learn to collaborate and optimize team effectiveness? Then make your Women Build a Team Build Day.

Ready to sign up?  Perfect!  Click here to be directed to our online volunteer database where you'll be asked to create a unique profile.  You'll then be able to see our volunteer schedule and choose a date to volunteer that's best for us both.  Have your own safety gear?  No problem!  Just make sure what you have is:

  • CSA approved, green patch work boots
  • Class E, Type II hard hat

Spread the word!

Together we can build more homes, hope and communities!